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Global cooling?

Now that the professional bloviators have left Philly, the resupply of hot air has dropped precipitously. As a result, temperatures have dropped from the mid-90s (with very high humidity, all that fog has to go somewhere) down to the mid-80s. And so one is not quite as nostalgic for the global cooling promised by the Republicans (along with degrees from Trump U, a glut of high-paid construction jobs along the border, and an end to the sort of lies and empty promises that are the polytrickers’ stock in trade)…

But Dem strategists are still whining about some delegates chanting No More War as the Demo’s paraded a bevy of jingoists on the last day of their windfest. Seems it sets a bad tone to suggest that some Demopublicans have tired of endless war, assassinations and torture. But, never fear, not Hillary. She points to the likes of Maggie Thatcher in support of her insistence that there is no country so small that she will hesitate to bomb it, no voice so quiet that it is safe from drones in the sky…

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