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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Union Scabbing

The union scabbing at the Philadelphia Convention Center continues. After capitulating to the Convention Center bosses, abjectly surrendering to everything they demanded within 48 hours, the Carpenters Union and Teamsters remain locked out, with five AFL-CIO unions waltzing across their picket line. But, it seems, a small unit of Carpenters is also waltzing across the line, and at the recent auto show – one of the biggest events the Center hosts – Teamster drivers crossed the lines to deliver the cars and other props. That’s assuming, of course, that they could find the picket line. I talked to a few people who went to the show, and had no idea that there was a lock-out on. The police set up a picketing cage, but it isn’t near the entrances or the loading docks. Can’t say why anyone would go in.

But the locked-out unions do have a strategy. They’re pouring money into the gubernatorial campaign, hoping that if the Dem ousts the Republican, he will order the Convention Center (largely controlled by state appointees) to end the lock-out. The Dem hasn’t promised any such thing, but of course promises from polytricksters aren’t worth the hot air they’re made of anyway…