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Obama admin. insists on right to discriminate against gays

After keeping quiet about the issue during two presidential elections, President Obama finally saw the light last year — deciding that gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry if they chose to do so.

Let’s leave aside the question of whether the government has any business getting involved in people’s personal relationships, or whether the existing marriage institution is the way most people would choose to structure their romantic and familial lives in a free society. So gays and lesbians may marry, and can bear arms, kill and be killed in behalf of their capitalist masters.

But when it comes to rights in the workplace, the Obama administration is in the federal courts defending its right to discriminate. They recently lost a ruling seeking to dismiss a lawsuit by a Library of Congress worker who was subjected to punitive evaluations and a campaign of harassment (ending in his termination) by supervisors after they learned he was gay. The Obama administration had argued that the lawsuit should be dismissed for failing to state a cause of action — that is, that gay workers had no legal right to be free from abuse and discrimination.

It’s not clear if the government will appeal, but either way this case shows that even “liberal” bosses believe they should have unfettered dominance over their workers. So long as their are bosses and rulers, no one can be free.

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