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The rule of law

In another great political victory for organized labor, voters approved a resolution requiring all workers at the Seattle-Tacoma airport to be paid at least $15 an hour. Labor Notes reports that a  judge has ruled that voters don’t have the right to tell the Port of Seattle (which runs the airport) what to do.

As workers scope out “Obamacare,” many are finding they have to falsify their income upward in order to qualify for subsidized care. Millions of workers otherwise don’t earn enough to qualify…

The U.S. Supreme Court is considering turning the entire country into a “Right-to-Work” (for less) zone, considering overturning a contract that requires Illinois home health care aides who choose not to join the union to refuse to pay representation fees. The state is siding with the union — since it won representation rights, turn-over has been slashed, costs have stabilized, and studies indicate the quality of care has improved.

In France, bossnappings continue. Some 200 Goodyear workers two two executives hostage Jan. 6 to protest a planned factory closing that would cost 1,173 jobs. A 2009 survey found nearly half of the public considers this an acceptable tactic when fighting lay-offs, and Bloomberg Business Week reports that it “usually pays off.” In this case, workers let the bosses go after a day, but continued to occupy the factory. They’re seeking a new owner, or at least a severance package generous enough to enable them to survive the search for a new exploiter.


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