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Working Hungry

Today, a 5 percent cut in food stamps benefits took effect, affecting nearly one in seven U.S. workers and their family members. (Most recipients work, many full time — indeed, the McDonald’s financial advisors trying to help workers better manage their money so they won’t need higher wages are now helping their workers sign up for food stamps.)

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives has proposed eliminating food stamps altogether, so as to free up more funds for subsidies to corporate farmers. (This is probably a bargaining gambit rather than a serious proposal, though you can never be entirely sure with these polytricksters.) The Democrats have counter-offered a 10 percent cut.

Already, the benefits are so meager that recipients run out of food a week or more before the end of the month, resulting in surging traffic to food kitchens and soup banks.

Such are the wonders of the “free” market, and of wage slavery more generally.


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