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The political farce

As Idaho Blackie often said, If God had meant us to vote he’d have given us candidates.

I won’t be voting again this November.

I can understand why many people are afraid of putting someone like Mitt Romney in charge of their lives (it is pretty scary, but so is putting someone on charge who is willing to kill people putting out ideas he finds dangerous with remote controlled drones, just because he can). Authorizing some individual (and particularly these individuals) to make decisions in my behalf is a perversion for which I have no taste.

For president this year we have the choice of a man who believes the role of government is to shovel ever-larger sums of money at the exploiting class, in hopes that this largesse will encourage them to let some of this socially created wealth trickle down to the rest of us, or another candidate who instead of being the servant of capital is himself wholly of the exploiting class and  objects that the immiseration of the majority is proceeding too slowly. Or I suppose one could vote for the “Libertarian,” who wants to impose a massive tax on everything working people buy to sustain life, so that he can eliminate taxes on the exploiting class.

Why anyone bothers to participate in this facade is beyond me.

But more to the point is the very notion of government, where a handful are empowered to impose by force their decisions upon society. Instead we need democracy, where people make decisions for themselves and implement them through organizations which they control directly. It is through this sort of direct democracy that we won the 8-hour day, an end to child labor, the right to free speech, environmental protections, etc. Social progress results from our self-activity, and from our refusal to accept what our masters dish out, in the face of the often-brutal resistance from those who claim the right to govern us.

Fundamentally, what matters is not what happens on election day but what we do the other 364 days of the year — in our communities, in the unfettered dictatorships that are the reality of most jobs, etc.

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