workers freedom

economics as if workers mattered

ASR #58 (Summer 2012)

ASR #58 Contents:

Editorial: Corporations Are Governments Too
WOBBLES: Jailing Chomsky?, Employer Spy Booted from NLRB, Wisconsin Recall, Exploiting “Guest” Workers…
Syndicalist News: General Strikes in India, Portugal & Spain, RyanAir, May Day, Free Subway Rides, Quebec Student Strike, Asturian Miners, Greek Hospital Occupation…  Compiled by Mike Hargis
ARTICLES: The recent elections in Greece and the social movement  by Dimitri
NATO Comes to Chicago  by Mike Hargis
Pay Inequality: Where it comes from and what to do about it  by Iain McKay
Capitalists were always criminals  by James Herod
The economy works, just not for us  by Jon Bekken
Britain: A cold economy encrusted by a half-baked ideology  by Iain McKay
Anarchy: A Bibliography   by James Herod
REVIEWS: Building Global Unionism  by Jon Bekken
23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism  by Iain McKay
A History of Capitalism  by James Herod
Reforming the 1%  by Jon Bekken
Anti-Capitalist Movements  by Mark Mason
The Age of Empathy  by Iain McKay
Reaching for Consensus by Jon Bekken
Bakunin’s Critique of Marxism  by Iain McKay
Letters: Solidarity with Cuban workers

The Summer 2012 issue of Anarcho-Syndicalist Review is about to ship; sample copies and subscription are available for $5 at


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