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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Anarcho-Syndicalist Review 57 (Winter 2012)

ASR #57 is now available.

Click on the link to order online (via Paypal), or you can order a copy for $5 from ASR, PO Box 42531, Philadelphia PA 19101 (


Editorials: 2011: Year of Rebellion; You Might Say We’re Dreamers
WOBBLES: Obama’s War on Immigrants, Fighting for Lower Wages, Wisconsin Workers Fight Back
SYNDICALIST NEWS: Spanish General Strike, Strike at “Greek Steel,” Guatemala Unionists Murdered, Hyundai Strike, Argentine Syndicalists, IWW Janitors, Scab Train Blocked…  Compiled by Mike Hargis
Solidarity with those in Cuba
ARTICLES: We are the 99%  by Jon Bekken
The Occupy Movement: Holding Space or Evicting Capitalism?  by Chris Longenecker
Greece: Let’s go one step further  by Dimitri – MACG
Occupy? Wall Street?  by John Clark (from The Raging Pelican)
Situations, Occupations & Revolution: Steps to Fight the End of the World  by Jeffrey Reinhardt
Humanitarian War: A contradiction in terms  by Jean-Claude Paye & Tülay Umay
Anarchist Theory: Use it or Lose it  by Iain McKay
The Earthworker Cooperative & the Green Syndicalist Future  By Brendan Libertad
REVIEWS: Soccer: Opiate of the people? by Mike Long
The Politics of Food  by Jon Bekken
Radical Economics & Labor  by Iain McKay
Milstein’s Ethical Anarchism  by Wayne Price
Property is Theft!  by Mark R. Wolff
Joe Hill’s revolutionary legacy  by Richard Myers
The Third Revolution?  by Iain McKay
Biutiful: The Exploitation of Illegal Immigrant Labor Film Review by Jeff Stein
Yardbird Blues  by Jon Bekken
Letters: Anarchist history, PareCon