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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Class-Consciousness at the Rose Bowl

The nationally televised Rose Bowl Parade included the Pulaski, Wisconsin, high school marching band, evidently because the University of Wisconsin was one of the two teams playing. As the band passed the reviewing stand where Gov. Scott Walker was sitting, they pivoted to play a spirited rendition of “Union Maid” (“who never was afraid of goons and ginks and company finks”). The announcers, probably reflecting the dearth of labor coverage and the abysmal ignorance of the labor movement that typifies the boss press, didn’t have a clue what was happening before their very eyes. (A couple of people claiming to be part of the band have gone on record claiming that they were playing “Red Wing,” the tune of which Woody Guthrie set the song to, but it is hard to believe that in a working-class town like Pulaski most of the band members wouldn’t have known the song’s labor heritage.)

Meanwhile, unionists circulating petitions to recall the union-busting governor report that they already have more than enough signatures to put the measure on the ballot later this year.