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“Class Warfare” in the boss press

Jon Stewart pokes fun at the ridiculous posturing by mainstream economists and politicians about “class warfare” and the U.S. federal budget. While pundits pooh-pooh talk about raising taxes on the rich, the boss press accuses billionaire exploiter Warren Buffet of being “a socialist”  and call for increasing taxes on the poor instead. Stewart notes that even if you took half of everything the officially U.S. poor own, it wouldn’t raise any more than the small tax increases on the top 1 percent or so (back to 1990s levels) that the Democrats have tentatively suggested.

So we have Democrats and Republicans falling over themselves to slash social spending, lock up our fellow workers who cross borders without permission (while giving tax holidays to those who hide “their” money overseas), and basically see how little those of us who work for a living — and by doing so generate all the wealth upon which this economy relies — can get by on. “That’s the problem with poor people,” Stewart notes. “They still have some of their skin.”

Warren Buffet and some of his colleagues might be sincerely appalled at the gross injustice imposed by the present tax code and the slash and burn approach to meeting basic social needs now being imposed across the planet. Or they might fear the social consequences, and figure paying out a small fraction of their ill-gotten wealth is a small price to pay for maintaining social stability. But when even the wealthiest are afraid of the reckless misanthropy of the polytricksters they have bought and paid for, it says something about the extent to which U.S. politics have degenerated.

We can’t afford these parasites. It’s time to be done with them.

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